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Are you ready to stand out on Instagram?!

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool, but it can be difficult to know how to use it effectively without help.

Not only is Instagram one of the most popular social media platforms, but it’s also one of the most effective for marketing. However, many businesses don’t know how to use it correctly and end up wasting time and money.

Wheeler Marketing Agency has a team of skilled professionals who understand Instagram and its users. We can help you create an audience around your brand and generate leads and sales to increase your ROI.

If you're tired of:

❌ Difficulty in growing followers

❌ Difficulty in increasing engagement rates

❌ Spending time engaging with your audience on a daily basis

❌ Limited organic reach due to Instagram algorithm changes

❌ A growing competition in your industry or niche and struggling to stand out from said competition

❌ Finding the right content strategy to attract and retain followers 

❌ Limited time and resources to consistently produce high-quality content

❌ Difficulty in targeting the right audience and measuring ROI

❌ Struggling to keep up with algorithm changes or new features

❌ Finding the right balance between promotional and organic content

❌ Struggling to maintain brand consistency

❌ Adapting to changing consumer behavior 

And you're looking to:

✅ Grow your Instagram following organically and in a non-spammy way

✅ Improve your Instagram engagement and create an audience that actually gives a hoot 

✅ Improve your conversion rates (because your audience gives a hoot)

✅ Interact with your audience while maintaining brand voice

✅ Increase your brand awareness and reach more people 

✅ Have stunning on-brand visuals that resonate and capture your audience’s attention

✅ Find someone to be your guide through all of IG’s algorithm changes and new features

✅ Stop wasting your time and money trying everything under the sun and not getting the results you want

✅ Get back to doing what you do best while using Instagram to grow your business 


Then WMA is just what the proverbial doctor ordered!

If you’re tired of stressing or feeling like your Instagram is getting nowhere, we can help. 


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Here's what our clients have to say.

We were looking for an affordable marketing agency to communicate with our social media audience and Wheeler Marketing more than delivered. We saw an immediate increase in our engagement levels on Instagram and our followers have steadily increased. Dani always takes the time to understand our needs as a company, and her weekly reports help us keep track of our progress. Both she and her team take precautions to safeguard our account. They are very dependable and incredibly easy to work with. We wholeheartedly recommend Wheeler Marketing to everyone we know.

Julie Carruth

Owner of SocialTribers

I am thrilled to have Wheeler Marketing Agency. I have been looking for marketing help that aligns with my style for quite some time. I wanted a marketing person that felt like the head of the marketing division of my company. WMA’s eagerness to learn, grow, and always be on the cutting edge combined with their responsive interaction is exactly what I wanted. I am extremely enthusiastic about my company‘s future; in big part to my relationship with WMA.”

John Langdon

Co-Owner of Oregon Wild Rice, Langdon Ag, & Oregon Ag

WMA did a great job in providing knowledge, help, and tricks of the trade. They’re good at making you feel comfortable, and they provide information in a format that’s thorough and organized as well as easy to understand. I’d recommend putting your trust in WMA if you’re working on building your brand presence!

Nicole Hardin

Co-Owner of ShutterMeShort Photography

As a small business owner marketing is extremely important. WMA has helped us with several projects and their knowledge and professionalism make it perfect every time. I highly recommend contacting Wheeler Marketing Agency; you will be happy.

Landon Connorton

Owner of Washington Coonshrimp, Tribu-Berries, & River City Guide Service


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Frequently Asked Question

Every business, brand, and account is unique. That’s why we recommend booking in an audit with our team so that we can fully understand your goals and give you an accurate estimate. However, in general, most accounts begin at a minimum of $1,800 per month.

You can be sure that when you work with us, all engagement is 100% authentic and organic – no bots involved! We understand the importance of keeping your account secure, so we take extra steps to ensure our team gradually warms up your account with natural engagements to protect you.

While we would hate to see you go, we understand that things do come up. You can cancel at any time but we request at least a 30 day notice in writing. Why? Most of the time we are working a month or two out. If it’s January, we’re thinking in March and planning and preparing for it.

Choosing the right plan can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry – we’re here to help! We start by conducting an audit of your account and learning about your goals. That way, we can provide you with a tailored solution that suits your specific needs. You’re not just any account – and we make sure to treat you as such.

It’s easy to get started on your Instagram journey with us! All you need to do is schedule a Discovery Call with one of our team members and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll take it from there, evaluating your account and determining which plan best fits your needs to help you achieve your goals.

Instagram engagement is the measure of interactions between you and your followers. You can increase it by posting captivating content and responding quickly to comments, DMs, stories, and more! Interacting with your followers establishes trust and encourages further engagement. The more engagement your account has, the more trust your audience has in you. Therefor when it comes time to promote, sell, build partnerships, etc. your audience has a higher conversion rate. With the right strategy, you’ll soon have a thriving community interacting with all your posts – that’s what we strive to help you achieve!

Absolutely! Investing in our services will provide you with tremendous and lasting value. Whether it’s content creation or engagement, our team of experts will help you drive meaningful results. We have years of experience perfecting strategies so you can trust us when it comes to helping you make your goals a reality on Instagram.

Instagram can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business! It is the perfect platform to showcase your products, share engaging content, and attract more customers. With marketing on Instagram, you can build a loyal following of customers that are interested in your brand or services and strengthen relationships with existing customers. You can also use Instagram to advertise promotions and increase sales and conversions. With our help, you’ll be able to take full advantage of Instagram’s potential to help take your business to the next level!

We create content for your Instagram account by working closely with you to understand your business goals, target audience, and brand message. We use a variety of methods such as story strategy, reels, carousels, and more to craft high-quality visuals that capture the attention of your followers. Our team also creates captivating copy that engages with your followers and encourages them to take action. Plus, we’ll analyze the best hashtags for your account to increase the reach of your content. With our help, your Instagram account will be filled with creative content that is sure to make an impact!

We grow your Instagram following by using our unique organic strategies. Our organic tactics include optimizing your profile, creating content that resonates with your target audience, identifying influencers to collaborate with, engaging with potential followers, and more. With our strategy in place, you’ll be sure to see a steady increase in your Instagram following in no time!

We measure the success of your Instagram marketing by tracking various metrics such as follower growth, engagement rates, impressions, and website clicks. We also monitor the performance of our posts to see how they’re resonating with your followers. Additionally, provide detailed reports every month so you’ll always know what’s working.

Ready to reach your Instagram goals?