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About Us

Market What Matters.

Who are we? Glad you asked! 

Instagram is what we do! It’s our “super-power,” our core.

WMA is an Instagram marketing agency that connects companies to millions of customers around the world and not just any customers… the right customers.

We’re experienced social media experts that understand the secret to creating posts that will engage your audience and drive action. 

We don’t want your company to get lost in the social media world. 

So stop pulling your hair out and trying to understand why you’re not getting the results you’re after. 

Just sit back, put your feet up and take it easy. We got you!

Trust the professionals

We're dedicated to your success and know how to make it happen.

Danielle Wheeler
CEO of Wheeler marketing

The woman behind the company! She’s in charge of the company vision and personally oversees all of WMAs clients.

Vanessa Slape
Lead Content Creator

Vanessa has always loved writing. She knows how to craft a story that’s engaging, relevant, and informative. 

wma social media accounts manager
Hamayoun Rana
Socail Media accounts manager

The only thing that rivals Ham’s love for tea is his hard work and dedication to account growth and success! He’s the man behind the actions that grow your account!

Project Manager at WMA
Russell Dalanon
Project manager

How does our agency run so smoothly? We have a Russell. He’s keeps the wheels turning at WMA. Follow up? You betcha. Charm? Loads. Rest assured, Russell has it all under control. 

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Frequently Asked Question

Tough question. For social media marketing our clients see results in the first 90 days. 

Absolutely! We offer different options which we refer to as “good,” “better,” “best.” We see most clients start with “better” and then upgrade to “best” within the first 3 months of working with us.

While we would hate to see you go, we understand that things do come up. You can cancel at any time but we request at least a 30 day notice in writing. Why? Most of the time we are working a month or two out. If it’s January, we’re thinking in March and planning and preparing for it.

You’re not alone! Most of our clients fall into this category. In this situation we discuss our clients needs in full and determine key business goals. From there we create the absolute best tailored plan for success.

Easy! Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out our contact briefing (here) and we’ll respond right away! If you fill out the contact briefing before scheduling a meeting (FaceTime, Zoom, in person, or regular a good old fashioned phone call) it gives us a better idea of where you’re at currently with your Instagram marketing needs and allows us to determine in advanced if we thing we would be a good fit or not. We don’t want to waste your time. 🙂