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Instagram Engagement Service

For Increased Engagement & Organic Audience Growth

Grow Your Engagement

It’s a struggle to maintain a high engagement rate on Instagram.

With over one billion users, it’s getting harder and harder to get your content seen by new eyes.

Even if you have an impressive following, it can be hard to keep the attention of these followers with so much competition out there.

We grow your Instagram accounts engagement for you! You gain more exposure and engagement from a targeted audience while we do all the work for you.

This service is 100% hands-off and will increase your engagement (and following) without spending hours each day or hiring someone else full time!

No Bots

You have a real team engaging with the best content and the most valuable audience.

No Ads

There's no need to run ads for this service to work! Keep posting content, let us engage.

No Spammy DMs

Don't you just love when your inbox is full of "follow me" messages? Yea.. we're not gonna do that..

No Lame Comments

We won't leave lame comments like "well done" or "this is great".. That's not quality engagement.

Engagement that grows your account.

We’ve proven time and time again that our engagement strategy not only increases engagement but increases following by over 30%!

BUT, it’s not just any growth.. it’s the growth of an engaged audience. 

That means the people following your account are more likely to become customers! *Flex*

Can't you just buy likes?

Let’s face it.. you can probably go find a service and buy lots of likes right now if you wanted. (We really don’t recommend this!)

But, what do those fake likes provide you? Nothing. In fact, Instagram knows when you do this and you’ll find your reach is severely diminished. 

Why Engagement?

Instagram is ALL about engagement. The more engagement your account has, the more likely it’ll get on the explore page. Which means more reach and exposure. 

Engaged tell their friends and family about your product or service and when it comes to buying they’re first in line. 

With a high engagement rate, you can sell more with a smaller audience! It doesn’t take 100k followers to make money six figures on Instagram. 

What Is A “Good” Engagement Rate?

A good engagement rate depends on industry, account size, and posting frequency.

Ready to grow your Instagram account?


Frequently Asked Question

Engagement is the most time consuming service because we’re actually behind the wheel interacting with users on the accounts behalf. There are however a number of plans to fit most business budgets.

Increasing engagement has a lot of variables. Current account size, posting consistency, current engagement rate, goal engagement rate, etc. Since we do things organically minimum results are seen in about 3 months on average. 

Easy! Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out our contact briefing (here) and we’ll respond right away! If you fill out the contact briefing before scheduling a meeting (FaceTime, Zoom, in person, or regular a good old fashioned phone call) it gives us a better idea of where you’re at currently with your Instagram engagement and allows us to determine in advanced if we think we would be a good fit or not. We don’t want to waste your time. 🙂

Once we have all the information we need from you there is an initial “warm-up” period of about 2 weeks. During this time we are getting Instagram used to actions being done from a different IP address. We work up our actions slowly so that there is no interference with the account. 

After that, we’re working diligently behind the scenes to engage with the right people at the right time to help grow your account!