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Zazubean Organic Chocolote

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About Zazubean

Their Motto Is Simple: “Good For The Growers, Good For The Planet, Good For You.”

The Zazubean adventure started on a pedal-powered excursion of a group of women to an island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Funny enough, the entire group managed to pack their fave chocolate to keep their energies and spirits high for the demanding journey! 

A conversation sparked surrounding quality chocolate, including  a prevalent question: Could a chocolate out there swear by ethical standards, and be both healthy and crazy yummy?

After returning home from the cycling expedition, Tiz — Zazubean co-founder — inspired by the quest,  began formulating an amazing high-quality chocolate with super powered  ingredients. As a physiologist, Tiz was interested in pushing the boundaries of traditional chocolate to develop nutritionally dense recipes that support an active balanced lifestyle. 

Tara, fellow co-founder & serious chocophile, joined  forces with her passion for social justice and expertise in sustainable business development to bring Zazubean to life! This powerhouse team had the perfect balance to create their uncompromisingly delicious, fairly traded, organic chocolate bars that are good for the planet, good for the growers and good for you!

The Problem

In 2021, Zazubean noticed a stall in their Instagram follower growth and a lack in audience engagement. They were doing influencer campaigns with another agency and didn’t feel they were getting what they needed. Zazubean was running constant giveaways, boosting posts, and sharing stories but the needle wasn’t moving.

They wanted to increase their audience engagement and their follower growth but nothing seemed to give them the consistent results they were looking for. 

Why Choose WMA?

When looking for a social media agency, Zazubean knew that they needed an agency that would take the time to understand their business and their goals.

They wanted an agency that would be transparent about their process and that would provide ongoing training so that Zazubean could continue to improve their knowledge of Instagram marketing to better inform their overall strategy.

After meeting with several agencies, they decided to work with WMA because of the ability to provide a detailed consultation and create a customized plan that included community management, engagement growth, and bi-monthly Instagram training.

We’ve been working with Wheeler Marketing Agency for a while now and it’s been great! They’ve helped us grow our engagement rate and expand our reach. Plus, they’re always transparent with us about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. This has helped us learn more about Instagram and how we can improve our own performance. We’re really happy with the partnership and would recommend them to anyone looking for help with their Instagram marketing!

The Results So Far

Since partnering with WMA, Zazubean has not only learned strategies that have allowed them to make better-informed decisions on their end but they’ve also seen tremendous growth in audience, brand partnerships, and overall engagement.  Zazubean has been able to make incredible progress in a short amount of time.

Zazubean has seen its overall engagement rate increase from 0.8% to 2.56% and an average monthly organic follower increase of 11%! 

What's Next?

As a leading digital marketing agency, WMA is always looking for ways to improve its services and help its clients reach their goals.

Zazubean is a prime example of this commitment, as the company has worked with WMA to develop a successful online presence. Based on the success of this partnership, WMA has decided to incorporate additional services that will help Zazubean reach its goals.

These services include influencer outreach and content ideation and creation. With these new services, WMA will continue to be a valuable partner for Zazubean, providing the company with the tools and resources it needs to succeed online.

Instagram: @zazubean