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About ThinSlim Foods

What Makes Them Different

You’ve heard it before – “Our diet food tastes great and is the healthiest!”

Unfortunately, the products normally either don’t taste good, have false nutritional information, or have ingredients and nutritionals that are on par with regular products once looked at closely.

On the other hand, what if it was actually true? What if it did taste great and was legit? ThinSlim Foods products are – so much so that we guarantee it!

ThinSlim Foods products are suitable for all diets including:

– Atkins
– Diabetics
– Dukan
– Low Carb
– Ketogenic
– South Beach
– Weight Watchers
– and more

These nutritionals are so rare that there are no other companies with products that are so low in both calories and carbohydrates.

Most low carb companies have lots of fat and calories while most low-calorie companies have a fair amount of carbohydrates.

In fact, ThinSlim Foods’ products are often 50-75% lower than even other “diet food” companies.

Remember when comparing products to compare ounce for ounce, not based on the label. Some companies like to only give very small serving sizes to make it seem like their products are lower in calories than they really are.

The Problem

ThinSlim Foods was always on the lookout for new strategies and methods to increase brand awareness and ROI. They understood that an increased engagement would equate to an increased ROI in the long run.

They also knew that they needed to spend more time talking with their audience and providing a faster route for customer service.

Already working with an amazing agency, Single Grain, for digital advertising, they were open to improving their organic Instagram strategy for a more well-rounded social strategy.

Why Choose WMA?

ThinSlim Foods knew that a strong social media presence is key to any successful business in the modern age. They also understood that customer engagement is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship with their audience.

That’s why they decided to team up with Wheeler Marketing Agency, an agency with a proven track record of success in social media marketing. 

The Results

WMA helped ThinSlim Foods to create a comprehensive strategy that included organic Instagram posts, social engagement, and a commitment to providing excellent customer service.

As a result of this partnership, ThinSlim Foods saw a significant increase in brand awareness and engagement. Thanks to WMA, ThinSlim Foods is well on its way to becoming a household name.