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Oregon Wild Rice

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About Oregon Wild Rice

The Langdon family has been farming in the Harrisburg, Oregon, area for over 100 years. For most of those years, the family had drained the farmland to grow grass seed.

Five years ago, after much determination, they committed to a new plan to work more aligned with nature. The goal was to utilize their heavy clay soil more effectively and the abundant Oregon rainfall. So they chose to plant Oregon Wild Rice boldly.

In 2016 Langdon Family stopped draining their fields, and when the Fall rains came, the fields remained flooded—creating Oregon Wild Rice paddies.

Four years were taken to expand the rice crop and to learn how to effectively process high-quality rice for human consumption. In Spring of 2020, they began offering Oregon Wild Rice to people Northwest.

The Langdon Family is humbled and incredibly grateful for the enthusiastic response from people of the Northwest and people from points beyond their wildest dreams.

The wild rice.

The Problem

Once Oregon Wild Rice started distributing its product in stores, they knew they needed to reach a larger audience. They understood that Instagram would be the best route for their product.

They were looking for a nimble agency that could effectively handle their Instagram strategy and community management. Communication was key to them, and they were looking for a team that could connect with them and understands the needs of their audience.

Their goals included reaching more of their target audience, creating an engaged community, and growing their following.  Oregon Wild Rice wanted to connect with more people than ever before, create a supportive community, and grow their social media following exponentially. 

Why Choose WMA?

When looking for a social media agency, Oregon Wild Rice needed an agency that would take the time to understand their business and their goals, be capable of providing thoughtful strategies, and demonstrate a committed approach to results. They found an agency that met all these needs and more.

They wanted an agency that would be transparent about their process and provide ongoing training so that Oregon Wild Rice could continue to improve their knowledge of Instagram marketing to better inform their overall strategy.

I am thrilled to have Wheeler Marketing Agency. I have been looking for marketing help that aligns with my style for quite some time. I wanted a marketing person that felt like the head of the marketing division of my company. WMA’s eagerness to learn, grow, and always be on the cutting edge combined with their responsive interaction is exactly what I wanted. I am extremely enthusiastic about my company‘s future; in big part to my relationship with WMA.

The Results So Far

Since working with WMA, Oregon Wild Rice has seen some amazing results on their Instagram account.

They’ve increased their follower count by 31%, and their engagement rate is through the roof (compared to the 0.64% it started with)!

They’re continually reaching more and more of their target audience and making valuable connections with their audience. 

Thanks to WMA’s strategic approach to social media, Oregon Wild Rice has built a strong and engaged audience on Instagram, which has, in turn, translated into an increase in website CTR by over 25%.

What's Next?

Oregon Wild Rice plans to continue with the partnership with WMA for the foreseeable future! They have been “impressed with the work so far and are looking forward to seeing even more great results in the months and years to come.”

As part of the continued partnership, they will be adding on additional services, increasing the amount of content being published each week, and continually improving the overall growth and strategy.

Instagram: @oregonwildrice