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In the Suite Podcast

In the Suite Podcast

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About In the Suite Podcast

The mission of In the Suite podcast is to share inspiring stories of female leaders in various roles within the financial services industry and to bring these stories to the masses.

During each episode, listeners will hear incredible journeys of courage, culture, strength, leadership, and growth and personal anecdotes from amazing women leaders of what it takes to make it (and stay relevant) to the C-Suite.

It’s a narrative that the host, Tina Powell, personally feels is absent, at least partially invisible, in the industry; yet one that is desperately needed if we are to improve women’s representation, participation, retention, and growth.

The Problem

When the incredibly talented host of In the Suite Podcast decided she wanted to reach a more engaged audience on social media, she knew that Instagram was the best platform for her to do so.

However, as an impossibly busy woman, she lacked the time to do so. Therefore, she sought an agency that could handle her Instagram strategy and community management organically, an agency that would treat her audience with as much respect and reverence as she does.

Her goals included consistent posting, creating an engaged community, and growing her following.

Why Choose WMA?

When looking for a social media agency, In the Suite knew they needed an agency that would take the time to understand their business and goals.

They wanted an agency that would be transparent about their process and provide ongoing training so that In the Suite could continue improving their knowledge of Instagram marketing to inform their overall strategy better.

After meeting with several agencies, they decided to work with WMA because of the ability to provide detailed consultation and create a customized plan that included community management, engagement growth, and bi-monthly Instagram training.

Working with Wheeler Marketing Agency has been such a blessing. They go above and beyond on what they do. Their content approval process is almost effortless and I love how they interact with my audience. I couldn’t be happier with my investment!

The Results So Far

When Tina started working with Wheeler Marketing Agency, she had no idea her audience would grow exponentially. In the last 90 days, she’s seen key metrics increase significantly, with 33.4% more profile views and 65% more website clicks.

This growth can be attributed to the Wheeler team’s focus on creating truly inspiring content that resonates with Tina’s audience. Through their use of cutting-edge marketing strategies, they have been able to help Tina tap into untapped potential and reach a wider audience than ever before.

Due to the growth, Tina has been able to focus on what she does best – producing truly inspiring content. Her work has never been more in-demand, and she’s grateful to have found a marketing partner that can help her reach new heights.

What's Next?

In the Suite plans to continue working with WMA for the long run, adding on additional services, increasing the amount of content being published each week, and continually improving the overall growth and strategy!