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How To Write a Good Hook on Instagram to Increase Engagement

How To Write a Good Hook on Instagram to Increase Engagement

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Social media is a rapidly growing medium, used by both businesses and individuals to communicate information to people. It is a lightning rod for engaging in deep and meaningful discussions. But how can you create a deep connection if they are not interested in you or your brand? Learning how to write a good hook. You do need to do something to grab their attention and make them stop scrolling. 


Your hook is the first line in your social media post that grabs readers’ attention and compels them to read the rest of your post. Sounds interesting, right? Whatever kind of content you typically create, mastering the art of the hook is essential in this line of work. So let’s learn how to write a good hook on Instagram and start increasing that engagement. 

What is a hook?

A “hook” is a one-two sentence that grabs your reader’s attention. It makes them want to stop scrolling and hit “read more.” It inspires someone to take action. An excellent example of a hook is, “Having the baby will be so easy.” The reader doesn’t know what to make of this sentence, so they read on in the hope that you can explain why having a baby is easy (cuz we all know it’s not 😂). As you can see, a hook creates curiosity that leads the audience to seek out more information or ideas. 

Why is it Important?

A hook is a tactic in social media marketing to get customers to stop and interact with your brand. Amplifying your content with a hook is intended to keep visitors interested in what you do on your page. Implementing hooks will improve your chances of gaining followers and increasing your engagement.


However, the trick is to avoid clickbait or content with the purpose of attracting attention and encouraging visitors to click on a link to a particular web page. There’s a balance to be found.

Hook on Instagram

young woman drinking a healthy drink for social media

Instagram is one of the top 5 social media platforms globally and one of the most used platforms by your target audience. To increase engagement on Instagram, you want people to read your caption or see your post and leave comments (duuuh..). For this reason, using hooks on Instagram can be highly effective.  Your audience will want to stop scrolling and read your caption if your hook is compelling, eventually leading to them to liking, following, leaving a comment, etc.

The Anatomy of a Great Instagram Hook

Remember the formula: Hook + Insight + CTA. This structure is powerful, but let’s dive deeper into how to make each element truly shine:

1. The Hook: What Makes it Compelling?

  • Word choice: Use vivid verbs, sensory language, and words that trigger an emotional response. Aim for a balance between clarity and intrigue.
  • Brevity: Get to the point quickly! People are scrolling fast, so you have mere seconds to capture attention. Aim for 1-2 sentences maximum.
  • Relevance: Your hook MUST connect to your niche and your audience’s interests. Otherwise, even if it’s catchy, they won’t care to learn more.

2. The Insight: Keep Them Hooked

  • Deliver on the hook’s promise: If your hook was a question, provide the answer. If it was a claim, back it up. Never leave the audience hanging.
  • Value upfront: Give them a good reason to keep reading. This could be a practical tip, an inspiring story, or a taste of the knowledge you’ll share.
  • Pique their curiosity: Introduce a new perspective or hint at something surprising to come. Leave a little mystery so they have to know more.

3. The Call to Action (CTA): Seal the Deal

  • Be specific: Don’t just say “learn more.” Tell them exactly what to do: “Comment your thoughts below,” “DM me for the details,” “Tap the link in bio.”
  • Match your goal: Are you aiming for comments, shares, saves, website visits? Your CTA should always support your primary objective.
  • Create a sense of urgency: Words like “now,” “today,” or “limited time” encourage immediate action.

Examples of Effective CTAs:

  • Getting Feedback: “Which of these looks is your fave? Comment 1, 2, or 3 below!”
  • Driving Traffic: “Want the full recipe? Grab the link in my bio!”
  • Promoting a Sale: “Summer sale ends tonight! DM me for the discount code.”

Want to get really good at crafting CTAs that convert? Start by analyzing your past posts. Which ones generated the best response? Try to recreate the elements that worked well in your future content.

Where Can You Use a Hook on Instagram?

A hook on Instagram can be in a caption or in your graphics. When we discuss a “hook” in this article, we’re referring to the opening few seconds of your Instagram content. You only have three seconds on Instagram to grab someone’s attention and persuade them to read the rest of your post. 

Hook in Caption: 

This is one of our favorite formulas: 

Hook + Insight + CTA

1. Hook: Choosing the right words to use at the start of a caption piques readers’ interest. You can start with one of these hooks: a question, joke, fun fact, attention-grabbing word or expression, or a quote. 

Ex: Can you travel the world with no money? 

2. Insights: Provide your audience with the information they need to hear, such as a practical how-to, the rationale for your actions, or inspiration to face the day.

Ex: Can you travel the world with no money? Yes, you can! You do not need to be rich to travel. There are a number of ways you can travel the world for free. 

3. Call to action: This prompts readers of your post to take action. Keep this brief and on point with the specific action you want your audience to take.

Ex. Can you travel the world with no money? Yes, you can! You do not need to be rich to travel. There are a number of ways you can travel the world for free. DM me to learn more!

A great photo alone won’t generate significant engagement. It might persuade someone to click the “like” button, but you’ll need to put in a little more work to convince them to take the time to leave a comment.

Hook in Graphics:

Text images, one of the most popular Instagram trends this year, are excellent for drawing users’ attention to their Explore pages. While some upload videos and pictures, your text immediately conveys a thought or an idea. Use text-based images such as infographics, quotes on a wall, sticky notes, notes in notebooks, etc. 

How to Write A Good Hook for Social Media

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Here are a few suggestions for how to grab your audience’s attention right away, keep them reading your postings, and persuade them to act after you’re done!


Numbers can be used to set expectations and provide readers with a clear idea of what to expect.

  • Example: “10 Steps to Get Clearer Skin.”
  • Example: “Here’s the #1 thing you should think about when it comes to buying sunscreen.”


There’s something deeply satisfying about fining a secret way to do things better. Whether it’s a hidden route that gets you to work faster or a littl known tip that helps you snag the perfect spot. 

  • Example: “How to Create Easy CTAs”


Negatives are often more successful in tappin g into people’s insecurities. Words like “don’t”, “stop”, and “avoid” usually works well since everyone wants to know if there’s anything they should stop doing.

  • Example: “Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid”


When you use “you” in a headline, the reader immediately feels know and names. When you speak to their needs and emotions, you answer the main question in their minds: “ What’s in it for me?”

  • Example: “Why You Must Start Using Hook on Instagram”


Pose a thought-provoking query that compels your audience to respond! Don’t ask questions that demand an essay.

  • Example: “Can I share a secret?”
  • Example: “Want to know something crazy?”


Make sure readers understand this content is for THEM! Call out a specific set of people and make sure they know that this information is written just for them!

  • Example: “Calling all Beach Babe – This one is for you!!”
  • Example: “These videos are only for people who are currently going through low views on Instagram!”


Nobody enjoys being in the dark about a story’s conclusion or the joke’s punchline. Use an intriguing introductory sentence to draw the reader in and entice them to complete the circle you’ve just created for them.

  • Example: “I can’t believe I didn’t know this!”


A fascinating informational source is occasionally a reality. You might look up an intriguing fact related to the subject of your article to draw readers in and pique their interest. 

  • Example: “About 995 photos are uploaded to Instagram every second.”
  • Example: “Instagram has over a billion monthly active users.”


A human brain perceives 70% of information through stories and 95% – Your texts can gain a magical touch through storytelling. It draws the reader’s attention and distinguishes your material from other writing. A brief story at the beginning of your Instagram post will attract the audience and make your content stand out. 

  • ExampleThis was supposed to be the best day of my life but…”
  • Example: “What I learned being a homeless dropout in my 20’s.”


Instagram marketing accounts need to sound and appear more like personal journals. Sensory words in your captions are the only thing that can perform this job better. Here, you can explain the mood you wish to evoke for a more incredible response, the tales behind each shot, and any lessons learned.

  • Example: “Bam! What a great start!”
  • Example: “Ohh, incredibly yummy bread!”


Tap into your audience’s feelings, whether it’s excitement, inspiration, empathy, or a touch of humor.

  • Example: “The moment my boss told me I was fired, I felt like my whole world was crashing down.”
  • Example: “I finally found the perfect shade of red lipstick, and I’m feeling like a total queen! 💄”
  • Example: “Adopting a shelter dog changed my life. 😭❤️”


Make a statement that’s surprising, intriguing, or challenges a common belief.

  • Example: “You don’t need to spend a fortune to travel the world.”
  • Example: “Your favorite ‘healthy’ snack is actually loaded with sugar.”
  • Example: “Remote work isn’t as productive as everyone thinks.”


Important Note: When using bold claims, make sure you can back them up with facts, research, or a well-reasoned personal perspective in the rest of your content!

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Avoid Clickbait! It’s Not Worth the Backlash

While a juicy hook is crucial, resist the urge to go full clickbait. This means using overly sensational headlines, exaggerating your expertise, or making promises you can’t possibly keep. Sure, you might get a temporary spike in clicks, but it’s a short-term strategy with long-term consequences:

  • Your audience feels tricked: Nobody likes being misled. Once they realize you’re all hype and no substance, you’ll lose their trust. They may stop engaging with your content altogether or even leave negative comments.
  • Instagram may downrank you: The platform’s algorithms are always evolving, but one thing’s for sure – they want users to have positive experiences. Clickbait-heavy accounts risk being penalized with reduced visibility and reach.
  • You cheapen your brand: Building a reputable brand takes time and consistency. Clickbait undermines that effort. Would you rather be known for exaggerated promises or delivering real value that keeps your audience coming back?
  • Damage to your reputation: In the social media age, word spreads fast. If you become known for clickbait tactics, that reputation could hurt your ability to grow your following or even collaborate with other creators and brands.

The key is finding the sweet spot: Write hooks that are attention-grabbing, relevant to your niche, AND truthful about what your content offers.

Remember, a few genuine, engaged followers are always better than a horde of disappointed ones.


By mastering the art of the Instagram hook, you unlock the key to greater engagement, a loyal following, and the potential to reach a wider audience. Remember, it’s not just about the stunning visuals – the words you use can make or break your content’s success.

So invest time in crafting compelling hooks that capture attention, offer value, and inspire action. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques like questions, bold claims, storytelling, and emotional appeals. Track your results over time to see which types of hooks resonate most with your audience.

With a little practice and strategic thinking, you’ll be amazed at how a few well-chosen words at the beginning of your posts can transform your Instagram presence. Now go forth and hook your way to success!

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