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Why Is Facebook Important To YOUR Business?

Facebook has the highest number of active daily users out of all social media platforms. That means if you want eyes on your business or brand, this is the space to play in. 
Fitness & weight loss (1), health (2), and self-improvement (5) are in the top 5 most profitable niches on Facebook. Therefore, YOU SHOULD BE ON FACEBOOK if you’re business lands within one of these niches! 

What Can Facebook Marketing Do For Your Business or Brand?

Facebook is the place to grow your email list, gather leads, grow your brand awareness, gain valuable insight into your audience, build brand loyalty, increase website traffic, and boost sales.
It can even lower your advertising costs because of it  allows you to target the most qualified leads for your business.
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Facebook Marketing Services

Reaching a larger audience, increasing brand awareness, consumer engagement, and gathering valuable audience insights (and spying on the competition) barely scratches the surface of what Wheeler Marketing Agency offers within their Facebook Marketing Services.
If you want to save yourself time, money, and have your Facebook account work for you, then give us a holler! We’ll do a quick consultation, get to know your business and your audience, what your goals are, then we’ll deliver and implement a strategy built for maximum results!

Ready to Dominate on Facebook?

How Do We Achieve Success?

learn about the business or brand

We learn what matters most to you and what your goals are for success.

create an instagram marketing strategy

We create a unique plan designed for maximum Facebook success.

implement instagram marketing plan

We put our plan into action and interact with your audience to boost engagement.

instagram marketing optimization

Algorithms are always changing so we're always testing new strategies and tactics for maximum growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We offer different options which we refer to as “good,” “better,” “best.” We see most clients start with “better” and then upgrade to “best” within the first 3 months of working with us.
While we would hate to see you go, we understand that things do come up. You can cancel at any time but we request at least a 30 day notice in writing. Why? Most of the time we are working a month or two out. If it’s January, we’re thinking in March and planning and preparing for it.
You’re not alone! Most of our clients fall into this category. In this situation we discuss our clients needs in full and determine key business goals. From there we create the absolute best tailored plan for success.
Success varies. We guarantee you will see growth in audience, engagement, and reach. However, every brand and business is different so we unfortunately can’t predict exact numbers. On average, in the third month of our Facebook marketing services, clients see a 35% increase in page likes, 45% increase post reach, and a 40% increase in post engagement.
Easy! Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out our contact briefing (here) and we’ll respond right away! If you fill out the contact briefing before scheduling a meeting (FaceTime, Zoom, in person, or regular a good old fashioned phone call) it gives us a better idea of where you’re at currently with your Facebook marketing needs and allows us to determine in advanced if we thing we would be a good fit or not. We don’t want to waste your time. 🙂